How Do I Favourite a Recipe?

To keep track of the recipes you love, add them to your Favourites

A list of your Favourites can be found by clicking on your Favourites tab (the heart icon) on your left hand side bar. 

To add a recipe to your Favourites, click the heart icon on any recipe. When the heart icon turns solid pink, you know that recipe has been added to your Favourites. 

There are a few places you can add a recipe to your Favourites

From the Recipe Gallery

Click the heart on any recipe from within the Recipe Gallery to add it to your Favourites. 

From the Recipe

Click the heart in the top left hand corner of any recipe to add it to your Favourites. 

From Your Planner

When looking at your Planner, click on any recipe that you want to add to your favourites. A dialog will pop up. From here, click the heart. 

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