How Do I Create a Recipe Book?

This feature is only available to That Clean Life for Business members.

As a That Clean Life for Business Member, you have the ability to create simple recipe e-books. These make great resources for a client or community who may not be into following a meal plan, but would prefer a book of your approved recipes to draw inspiration from. 

To create a recipe e-book: 

  1. From your Planner, create a new meal plan by clicking New
  2. Name your recipe book (Ex: High Protein Breakfast Recipes, Ketogenic Dinner Ideas, etc) 
  3. Add the recipes you want to include in the e-book into the Planner. The order or location doesn’t matter. 
  4. Once you have added all of the recipes you want to include in the e-book in the Planner, click Export
  5. A dialog will pop up. Since you want to include recipes only, de-select "Plan". (It is up to you whether you want to include the List, Notes, Nutrition and/or a cover page.)
  6. Click Export to export your book of recipes. 

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