Getting Started with That Clean Life's Business Membership

Welcome to That Clean Life for Business! 

That Clean Life for Business allows you to create beautiful resources for your clients so you can save a ton of time, provide professional services and grow your revenue. 

We've designed That Clean Life for Business so you can get started right away. 

The first thing you should do is upload your logo and fill out all the information in your account settings. Once you do this, everything you export from the platform. 

The optimal size for your logo is 400 x 100 px. If you need any help with resizing your logo, simply email it to us at We can re-size it for you and send it back in a jiffy. 

Another great way to get started is to watch our demo video, which will give you a great overview of the platform. 

Once you have uploaded your logo, filled out the info in your account settings and have watched the demo video, you are all set to get started on building beautiful resources for your clients!

There are two ways you can do this: 

  1. Select a Pre-Made Program: Dive right in by trying out one of our pre-made Programs. You can find a list of our Programs here. All of our Programs come with a done-for-you meal plan and grocery list. You can modify our Programs by clicking the "Copy" button. 
  2. Create Your Own Custom Meal Plan: Start from scratch by building out a custom meal plan. To do this, head to your Planner and click "New". From here, you can give the meal plan a name and start adding meals. Be sure to use the Filters in the Recipe Gallery to make searching for meals easier. 

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