Why Was My Card Declined?

There are a number of common reasons why a credit card might be declined. Regardless of the reason, if your credit card has been declined, we recommend that you update your account with the most recent credit card details. To update your billing details, head over to your Account Settings and scroll down to Billing Information. From there, update your information and click Update.

When charges are submitted to the cardholder’s bank account, banks have automated systems to determine whether or not to accept the charge. Factors might include spending habits, account balance, and card information like expiration date. Unfortunately, we don’t receive any information as to why a decline happened, so we can’t quite help share the specific reasons why a charge was declined.

Since the signals change quite frequently, a previously successful card might be declined in the future. Even if your billing details have been updated with your latest credit card information, a future charge could still be declined by a bank’s fraud systems methods.

If your payment details are up to date, and you are still seeing payment failures, you may also consider checking in with your banking institution about getting the payment to go through on their end.

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