How Do You Scale a Program to Serve a Specific Number of People?

All of our Programs can be scaled to serve 1 to 4 people. To scale a program to serve a specific number of people:

Visit the Programs area and select a pre-made program by clicking the View button:

When looking at a program's plan in your Planner, click the Copy button, or simply click on any of the meals within the plan:

You'll be prompted by the "Copy" dialog. Enter the title of your plan copy and enter a value between 1 - 4 within the "Scale by" field which will indicate the number of people you want the plan you are copying to serve. When you're ready click the  Copy Plan button:
Voila! A meal plan to serve the right number of people is ready to go:

Note: This functionality is only available for Programs and not custom meal plans. 

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