Can I Use Your Recipes or Photos on My Blog, Social Media, and Website?

That Clean Life helps you turn your nutrition resources like meal plans, grocery lists, and recipe books, into professional, custom-branded PDFs that your clients can save, print or open from their device at any time. As per our Terms of Service, all of That Clean Life's intellectual property including recipes and photos must stay within the original PDF file format. 

You are not permitted to use any of That Clean Life's intellectual property outside of the PDF file format. This means that you cannot extract That Clean Life's content such as recipes or photos and distribute, or use them on social media, newsletters, blogs, websites etc. Using our content outside of the PDF file format is considered a violation of our Terms of Service, which will result in the suspension of your membership.

That Clean Life is here to help you create balanced meal plans and beautiful resources for your clients. We're not here to serve as a repository of content to be distributed or used in your own marketing channels.

Below we've outlined some examples of what you can and cannot do with That Clean Life:


  • Do use That Clean Life to create PDF resources for your clients and community.
  • Do use That Clean Life to create PDF lead magnets to attract your ideal clients.
  • Do keep That Clean Life's recipes and photos within the original PDF file format.
  • Do use your own personal photography however you'd like. 


  • Don't use That Clean Life's recipes or photos outside the PDF file format, outside of the software or for use on your social media, newsletters, blogs, websites, etc.
  • Don't use screenshots of our photography, recipes or PDF files for use on your social media, newsletters, blogs, websites, etc. 
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