How Do I Create a Recipe Book?

Recipe books make great resources for a client or community who may not be into following a meal plan, but would prefer a book of your "approved" recipes to draw inspiration from.

To create a recipe book:

From your Planner, create a new meal plan by clicking the New button.
Name your recipe book (Ex: High Protein Breakfast Recipes, Ketogenic Dinner Ideas, etc.)
Add the recipes you want to include in the book into the Planner. The order or location doesn’t matter for this use case.
Once you have added all of the recipes you want to include in the recipe book, click the Export button.
A dialog will pop up. Since you want to include recipes only, de-select the Plan and List buttons. Additionally, you should decide whether to include Notes and/or Nutrition depending on what components you want to include for the recipe book.

Pro Tip: Add a Cover and Brief to your recipe book to further customize it for your client.


Click Start Export to generate your book of recipes as a PDF.

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