How Are Other Wellness Professionals Using That Clean Life for Business?

That Clean Life for Business is a platform that helps wellness professionals create beautiful resources for our clients. As a Business Member, anything you export from the platform will be professionally formatted and have your logo on it. 

Our Business Members use the platform in a variety of ways. Here are just a few examples:

  1. To create challenges to run in their community.
  2. To create meal plans to sell on their websites.
  3. To create specialized plans for clients dealing with certain conditions (PCOS, Low FODMAP, Thyroid Health, etc.) 
  4. To create lead magnets. 
  5. To create recipe e-books (ie: High Protein Breakfasts, Ketogenic Dinners, etc.) 
  6. To turn their current meal plans into more professional looking resources. 
  7. To offer meal planning as a service to their clients.
  8. To offer a meal planning subscription service to their wider community. 
  9. To create weight loss programs.
  10. To create programs for partners (ie: A nutritionist creating programs for a gym.) 
  11. To send clients recipes to meet their health goals or help them cope with a new dietary change (ie: Recipes appropriate for an Elimination Diet.)

These are just a few ideas! For more information about how you can use That Clean Life to grow your business, click here.

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