How Do I Reorder the Recipes or Pages of my Export?

Sometimes you might want to rearrange the recipes or pages within your PDF exports.


Within the "Recipe selection" area of the "Export" dialog we list the recipes of the meal plan by meal type (by default). However, some users like to organize their recipes alphabetically, or in the order they appear on the meal plan.

Regardless of how you want to organize the recipes, simply click and drag any recipe within the "Recipe selection" area to change its order in the list. That's it, the export will use your new order when generating the PDF.


If you're an Apple user we are big fans of using Preview to reorder documents. Otherwise, we recommend using the Merge PDF tool by the folks at Smallpdf.

Upload your PDF:

Switch to "Page mode", reorder your pages as you like, and when you're happy click the Merge PDF! button:

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