How Do I Increase the Number of Servings or Calories I Want My Client to Eat?

By default, we will assume that you want your client to eat one portion of each meal. If you want your client to eat more than one serving of a particular meal that you have added to their plan:

From your Planner, click on the meal you would like to adjust.

A dialog will pop up. Where it indicates the number of servings, click on the  portion link to adjust the number of portions you want your client to eat.

Note: If you want to change the number of servings the recipe yields, use the slider scale below to adjust it and then save before continuing to adjust the portions.

Click Continue, then click the  Save button .
You'll notice that a number appears before the title of the recipe to indicate to the client how many servings to have at that particular meal. The daily nutrition information along the top of the meal plan will also adjust to account for the increased serving size.

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