Is There Tax on My Subscription?

If you are a customer living in Canada or certain US states, we must charge you applicable taxes. If you are outside of Canada and the US, taxes are not applied to any of your subscription charges.

We indicate any applicable taxes at the time of checkout prior to purchase. Additionally, you can see applicable taxes on a separate line on each of your receipts. You can view your Receipts by logging in and going to "Receipts" from your Account Settings, or visiting Receipts. The tax will be listed as a subtotal item.

We have a help doc on finding receipts here.


Why is That Clean Life charging sales tax?

For customers in the United States, That Clean Life is required to charge and collect sales taxes in certain jurisdictions where we have met the taxability of our products and have exceeded the economic thresholds within that location.

For customers located in the United States where That Clean Life’s products are taxable but we have not met the economic thresholds, no sales tax will be charged. However, the taxability of products and services will be subject to change as we meet economic thresholds for State and Local tax laws.

How is sales tax calculated?

On your invoice, sales tax is calculated based on the determination of the taxability of the product(s) you purchased, the billing address information provided by you that is associated with your credit card, and the tax rate of the applicable jurisdiction where you are located.

What happens with the sales tax collected?

The entire sales tax amount charged and paid on a That Clean Life subscription is remitted to the required tax agency. No amounts are retained by That Clean Life.

I've heard some businesses, like non-profits, are exempt from these taxes. How do I know if I'm tax-exempt?

Certain businesses, such as non-profit organizations, educational institutions, and other organizations, may have tax exemptions in various jurisdictions. For That Clean Life to update your tax exemption status, you must provide a copy of your physical exemption certificate.

You can send a copy of your certificate to for our team to review.

What happens if I move to a different state or update my address?

If you move to a different state or update your address this may change the taxability of the products going forward.

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