How Do I Import a Recipe?

Note: At this time, we're currently supporting all public websites that use to markup their recipes. If you're importing recipes or images from websites other than your own, you'll need permission from the owner, and provide reasonable attribution in accordance with the terms of their website.

This article will explain how you can import a recipe from the web:


From your Recipe Box, click on Add/Edit.


Then click on the Import from Web button.


Once prompted with the "Import" dialog simply paste the URL of the recipe you want to import into the Website field, and then click on the Start Import button.

Pro Tip: If you're looking to import recipes from your own WordPress site and haven't yet implemented a plugin to support to markup your recipes — the following options are widely used amongst our customers:


Next, you'll see the "Status" of your import. Each component of your recipe will indicate whether or not if it's successfully been imported from your provided URL. Any recipe component unable to be imported can be edited afterwards with the exception of Ingredients which requires "Review".


Click Ingredients to start the "Review" process.


All ingredients we were able to match with in our database (which includes custom ingredients you've added yourself) will be indicated with a green checkmark. Unmatched ingredients will require a "Category" be matched. Additionally, any ingredient you simply don't want to include can be removed at this stage by clicking the "x" icon to the right of each ingredient.

Note: Although this step may seem cumbersome at first, it's required to ensure the most accurate nutrition information can be generated for your recipe.


Once you're done reviewing simply click the Continue button.


Voila! Your recipes information will be autofilled in addition to having its nutrition analyzed. Once you're happy with your recipe, simply click the Save Recipe button.

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