How Do I Import a Recipe?

Our Recipe Import feature is currently in Beta Preview. At this time, we're currently supporting all websites that use to markup their recipes.

This article will explain how you can import a recipe from the web.

  1. Copy the URL of the recipe (Note: In order to import a recipe, it must use's Microdata or JSON-LD encodings otherwise we cannot import it.)
  2. From your Recipe Box, click on "Add/Edit". Then click on "Import from Web"

    3. Paste the URL of the recipe you want to import into the website field, and then click on "Start Import".

    4. To proceed, you will need to match the ingredients with their categories by clicking on "Ingredients" (You'll also notice that we weren't able to import a Time for this recipe, so you will have to fill that in later.) 

    5. Match the ingredients to their category, so that they will be categorized properly on your grocery list. Once you have finished matching all of the categories, click "Continue". 

    6. Review the information, and fill in any values that may not have been imported. Match any unmatched ingredients to their nutrition information by clicking the icon with the three dots to the right of the ingredient. 

    7. You can either search our database to find a nutrition match for an ingredient, search the USDA database, or enter in your own custom nutrition information. Once you have found your match, click "Edit Ingredient" to save.

    8. Once you have finished editing the imported recipe, click "Save Recipe".

    9. You can now find the recipe in your personal Recipe Box. Hooray!

To find a list of websites you can import recipes from, see here.

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