What is the Difference Between Servings and Portions?

When you are creating a meal plan, you will see the option to set servings and portions for each meal.

Servings are the number of servings a recipe makes.

Portions are the number of servings eaten by one person in a single sitting.

Note: We will assume one serving of a recipe is being eaten by default, unless the portion has been changed. Unlike servings, adjusting the portion size of a meal will change the nutrition values for that meal and ultimately that day in your Planner.

Here's some real-life examples:

Example 1

If you are making a meal plan for one person and want them to make a recipe with leftovers for the next two days, you would set the number of servings to three. Leave the portion set to one, so they will eat one portion of the 3 total servings.

Example 2

If you choose a smoothie recipe that makes two servings, but want your client to drink the whole recipe (or both servings), you would change the portion size to 2.

Note: For any meal that you want your client to eat more than one portion will be indicated before the recipe title on your meal plan.

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