How Do I Edit My List?

You can easily edit your List to add or remove items.

First, click on the Lists tab and select the plan for which you want to edit the shopping list by clicking the Recents button.

To remove an item, simply click the checkmark box beside the ingredient you'd like to remove, and a green checkmark will appear. When you export a list, any items you have checked-off will not be included on the export.

For example: Let's say your List calls for 1/2 cup of Blueberries, but you would rather it says 1 carton Blueberries. You would first check off the Blueberries measured in cups:

Then, at the bottom of that category, click Add Item:

You will be prompted with a dialog. Add the new item as 1 carton Blueberries as seen below:

Now, when you export the list as a PDF, only 1 carton Blueberries will be shown.

You may want to edit your list for things like:

  • Displaying 150 grams Seed Crackers as 1 box Seed Crackers
  • Specifying the brand name of an item
  • Add an additional item that might not appear on the meal plan
  • Remove common items (such as salt, pepper, or water) that will not need to be purchased
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