How to Add Pre-Made or Single-Food Items to a Plan

There may be times when you want to add a pre-made or single-food item to your meal plan such as...

  • A store-bought protein bar
  • A meal from your favourite restaurant
  • A specific brand of cracker, cookie, chips or another snack
  • Canned or pre-made soup, stews or chilis
  • Specialty drinks or smoothies
  • A pre-made breakfast item such as cereal or granola

Here is how to add a pre-made or single-food item to your meal plan:

When viewing your Recipe Box, click Add/Edit:

Now in the editor, enter the name of the food product into the "Title" field. Additionally, input the "Time" and "Serving size". Then scroll down to the "Ingredients" area, and click the Add ingredient button:
You'll be prompted by the "Add Ingredient" dialog. Enter the "Name of ingredient", input the name of the pre-made food item (ie: Protein Bar or RXBAR). Also enter in the "Quantity", "Unit of measure", and "Category":

Next, click on the No matches found within the "Nutrition from" area. Enter the nutrition information of this food by either searching via our Nutrition API or by entering the nutrition information manually based on the product’s nutrition label. Then click the Continue button:

If you've successfully added your nutrition information you will now see a green checkmark in the "Nutrition from" area. If you're happy with your ingredient data click the Add Ingredient button:

Next, you will need to add at least one step to the directions in order to save the recipe. For example, "Unwrap and enjoy!":

When you are finished entering in the direction(s), scroll down and click the Save Recipe button:

Voila! Now this pre-made food item will be saved into your Recipe Box.

Note: When you add this pre-made food to a meal plan, you may not want to include a recipe for it. So after you click the Export button to start export process, simply un-check the pre-made food from the "Recipe selection" area. Now it will not be included as a recipe within your export, but the product will still be on the meal plan and grocery list.

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