How Do I Use Integrations?

Integrations allow you to access your own data via our API.

This enables new and exciting opportunities for trusted third-party integrations to create new types of That Clean Life experiences within their platforms.

Integration Partners

Interested in becoming an integration partner? Send us a message.

Generate Token


Visit Integrations and click the Generate Token button.


Provide a name for your token. We recommend using the name of the trusted third-party you'll be providing the token too, e.g. "Practice Better".


Once you've generated a token, you'll have the opportunity to copy it for a limited time and provide it to a trusted third-party by following their integration process, e.g. Practice Better's Available 3rd Party Integrations.

Revoke Token


Visit Integrations and select Revoke tokenfrom the menu button of the token you'd like to revoke. Note: Revoking a token will ensure that any third-party integration using this token will no longer have access to your data via our API.


Proceed by clicking the Revoke Token button. You'll then see a confirmation that the token was succesfully revoked.

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