How Do I Comment on a Recipe?

Did you make some modifications? Did your clients like it? We want to know about it! Share your thoughts with the community by leaving a comment on a recipe.

You can leave a comment on any of our recipes. Our recipe developers will be notified, review the comment, and get back to you in reasonable time. Here's how:

When viewing a recipe, scroll down to the "Discussion" area and click the Add comment button:


You'll be prompted by the "Add Comment" confirmation dialog, click the Continue button:

Note: This is a shared discussion. Any comments intended for clients should be added via notes or briefs.

Enter your comment and when you're ready click the Add comment button:

Voila! Your comments been successfully added:

Note: You can easily edit or delete your comment from a recipe by clicking the ••• menu button to the right of your recipe and then clicking Edit comment or Delete comment from the context menu.

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