How Do I Change Between US and Metric Units?

You can easily change between US, US • Metric, and Metric units from the "Settings" area in your Preferences.

Select either US, US • Metric, or  Metric for your preferred system of measurement.
Click the Save Preferences button.

Beta Preview
Anyone using Metric units now has the additional option to enable "Automatically optimize values when possible" — this experimental functionality provides additional enhancements like rounding to the nearest fifth and maintaining small quantities in their US based equivalents (e.g. tsp and tbsp).

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Changing your preferred "Units" will automatically convert all volume (e.g. cup ⇄ gram ⇄ milliliter), liquid volume (e.g. fl oz ⇄ milliliter), and mass (e.g. lb ⇄ gram) quantities over to your selected system of measurement.

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