How Do I Export a Collection?

Collections can easily be shared or exported by clicking the ••• menu button and then select Export collection from the context menu:

Pro Tip

Collection exports are a great way to generate recipe books. These make great resources for a client or community who may not be into following a meal plan, but would prefer a book of your "approved" recipes to draw inspiration from.

Next, click Recipes from the picker:


Currently, we only support the export of recipes from a Collection.

You'll be prompted with a dialog where you can select what to include or exclude with your export. Additionally, you can select if you would like to download the PDF to your own computer or have it generated and emailed it directly to your client:

Once you have customized your export, click the Start Export button and your PDF will be generated. 

Note: When exporting from a Collection containing a lot of recipes we automatically enable limited selection of up to 50 recipes and display the following notice within the dialog:

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