How Do I Use Sharing?

A fast and secure way to easily share Recipes, Plans, and Collections with anyone, even if they don't use That Clean Life. No more getting your clients to sign up for yet another account and having their information owned by yet another company — your clients remain your clients.

When you share an item, you'll generate a unique link that you can send to anyone. We've also built an extensive set of permissions giving you individual control over your shared items.

Share an item

Find the Recipe, Plan, or Collection you want to share and click the Share button.

From within the dialog, toggle from Private to Public and enable your desired shared item features from the list of Permissions:

Click the Copy Link button, then send the link to the person or people you want to share the item with, like in an email or through your practice management software.

To recap: You'll select Share, set your permissions, Copy Link, and send it along. Simple as that!


Allow Edits: Anyone with the link can edit. If enabled, anyone visiting the share link will have the ability to edit the shared item(s). This setting only applies to shared items such as Plans and Lists.

Allow Exports: Anyone with the link can export. This feature requires that User Identification be enabled — the system handles setting this for you by default. PDF Exports will be delivered to the people via the email address provided via the User Identification prompt. Exported documents will use your Preferences (e.g. Units, Theme, Nutrition) and My Business (e.g. Logo, Company name, Theme color, etc.) account settings.

Password Protection: Ensure secure access by the intended people. Once enabled, anyone visiting the share link will be prompted to enter the password (you've set) before they're able to access the item.

User Identification: People are required to identify themselves. This feature does not require the person accessing your share link to have a That Clean Life account — it is simply a way for them to identify themselves to you when viewing the link.

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