How Do I Use Automator?

Let Automator do repetitive tasks for you.


At this time, Automator only supports recipes (not custom recipes) for use when generating personalized plans. Additional information about this feature and algorithm guidelines is outlined below.


Automator helps you generate personalized smart plans with just a few clicks. This article will explain how this feature works and some of the magic behind it:

Click on Planner in the main navigation.
Once in the Planner, click the New button.

Next, click Automator from the picker:

Enter a title, customize the days and meals for your new plan within the dialog, and then click the Continue button.


Specify any Rules such as calories (1200 - 5000), macros (fat, carbs, protein), tags, exclude ingredients, and then click the Create Plan button.

Calories and macros (fat, carbs, protein) are optional when generating a personalized plan. Specifying macros as a percentage of calories will result in noticeably less variety in personalized plans generated.

Automator will begin running your workflow and generate your personalized smart plan.

If Automator is unable to run your workflow due to the combination of Rules provided you'll be presented with an option to try again within the dialog.

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