How Do I View Share Stats?

Once you've shared an item you might be wondering — okay, now what? We didn't want to keep you hangin' so we built a nifty statistics system around your shared items. These stats will give you insights into whatever your situation might be...

  • Has my client viewed the plan I sent them?
  • Has everyone in my group program exported their plan for the week?
  • How is my lead magnet performing?

View stats


First, head to Shared in your account settings to view a list of all your shared links.


Then, click the ••• menu button to the right of the shared item in which you'd like to view the stats of and select View share stats:


Voila! You'll be prompted by a dialog containing statistics for your shared link. The total number of views, exports (if Allow Exports is enabled for the shared link), as well as the names and email addresses of people which viewed the link if User Identification is enabled for the shared link):

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