Starter vs. Plus

Our Starter Plan is limited to 10 shares and includes essential templates, filters, and nutrition which are a subset of their advanced equivalents available on the Plus Plan. The Plus Plan includes every feature we offer plus unlimited shares, advanced exports, and priority support.


Core Features

Starter Plus
Unlimited Plans
Custom Recipes
Premium Recipes
Shares 10 Unlimited
Templates Essential Advanced
Filters Essential Advanced
Nutrition Essential Advanced
PDF Exports
Priority Support
And every other feature you'd need...

Essential Templates vs. Advanced Templates

Starter Plus
Love Your Heart Program
Spring Break Detox Program
Project Beach Body Program, Week 1
Project Beach Body Program, Week 2
Back on Track Program
We Run This Year Program
Onward & Upward Program
Quick n' Easy Program
Lighten Up Program, Part 1
Lighten Up Program, Part 2
Lighten Up Program, Part 3
Summer Shape Up Program
Vegetarian Summer Fresh Program
Post-Summer Detox Program
Fall Harvest Program
Immunity Booster Program
Anti-Inflammatory Program
21-Day Transformation Program, Week 1
21-Day Transformation Program, Week 2
21-Day Transformation Program, Week 3
Eating for Happiness Program
Meal Prep Mania Program
Gut Healing Program
Vegan For 1 Program
21-Day Tune Up Program, Week 1
21-Day Tune Up Program, Week 2
21-Day Tune Up Program, Week 3
5-Day High Protein, Low Carb Program
Easy Peasy Slow Cooker Program
21-Day Reset Program, Week 1
21-Day Reset Program, Week 2
21-Day Reset Program, Week 3
Meal Prep Sunday Program
21-Day Spring Meal Prep Program, Week 1
21-Day Spring Meal Prep Program, Week 2
21-Day Spring Meal Prep Program, Week 3
High Energy Diet
Whole Food Plant Based Diet
21-Day Real Food Real Quick Program, Week 1
21-Day Real Food Real Quick Program, Week 2
21-Day Real Food Real Quick Program, Week 3
Sugar-Free Diet
Kid-Friendly Program
Low Fat Vegan Diet
Set It & Forget It Pressure Cooker Program
Non-Perishable Foods Program
Healthy & Affordable Program
Freezer Meal Program
Family-Friendly Program
Plant-Based Family-Friendly Program
High Calorie, High Protein Program
No-Fuss Summer Program
Low Fat Oil-Free Program
Plant-Based Low Fat Oil-Free Program
Plant-Based High Protein Program
One Pan Meal Program
Plant-Based One Pan Meal Program
15-Ingredient Program
Plant-Based 15-Ingredient Program
High Iron Program
Plant-Based High Iron Program
Low Sodium & Low Cholesterol Program
Plant-Based Low Sodium Cholesterol-Free Program
High Fiber Program
Plant-Based High Fiber Program
Low Fiber Program
Plant-Based Low Fiber Program
Simple Balanced Diet
Plant-Based Simple Balanced Diet
Paleo Pump Up Program
Anti-Candida Diet
Elimination Diet
Autoimmune Paleo (AIP) Diet
Ketogenic Diet
Thyroid Health Diet
Leaky Gut Diet
Women's Hormone Balancing Diet
Prenatal Diet
Postnatal Diet
Low Glycemic Diet
Low Carb Paleo Diet
Mediterranean Diet
Low Lectin Diet
40-30-30 Weight Loss Diet
Sugar-Free Paleo Diet
Autoimmune Ketogenic Diet
Immune Support Program
Stress & Anxiety Support Program
Low Histamine Diet, Week 1
Low Histamine Diet, Week 2
Low Histamine Diet, Week 3
Low Histamine Diet, Week 4
Plant-Based Immune Support Program
Plant-Based Stress & Anxiety Support Program
Intermittent Fasting Program
Bone Health Support Program
Plant-Based Bone Health Support Program
Follicular Phase Support Program
Luteal Phase Support Program
Menopause Support Program
Plant-Based Menopause Support Program
Heart Health Program
Plant-Based Heart Health Program
Specific Carbohydrate Diet
Plant-Based Specific Carbohydrate Diet
Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) Program
Plant-Based Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) Program
Skin Health Program
Plant-Based Skin Health Program
Student Athlete Program
Plant-Based Student Athlete Program
Arthritis Program
Plant-Based Arthritis Program
Gout Program
Plant-Based Gout Program
Brain Health Support Program
Plant-Based Brain Health Support Program
Renal Diet
Plant-Based Renal Diet
Plant-Based Low FODMAP Diet
Plant-Based Mediterranean Diet
Bariatric Diet
Consistent Carbohydrate Diet
Plant-Based Consistent Carbohydrate Diet
ADHD Program
Plant-Based ADHD Program
Gallbladder Diet
Plant-Based Gallbladder Diet
Low Salicylate Diet
High Protein Athlete Program
Plant-Based High Protein Athlete Program
Liver Support Diet
Plant-Based Liver Support Diet
Low Sulfur Diet
Cancer Support Program
Plant-Based Cancer Support Program
Carb Cycling Diet
Plant-Based Carb Cycling Diet
Depression Support Diet
Plant-Based Depression Support Diet
Men's Hormone Balancing Diet
4R Gut Healing Diet
Plant-Based 4R Gut Healing Diet
Sleep Support Program
Plant-Based Sleep Support Program
Carb Loading Program
Plant-Based Carb Loading Program

Essential Filters vs. Advanced Filters

Starter Plus
# of Ingredients
Tags Essential* Advanced**
Include Ingredients
Exclude Ingredients
Nutrition Essential Advanced

*Essential: african, airfryer, appetizer, asian, barbecue, beef, beeffree, breakfast, burger, caribbean, chicken, chickenfree, cookie, coconutfree, cornfree, dairyfree, dessert, dinner, dressing, drink, eggfree, freezer, glutenfree, grainfree, indian, juice, kosher, latin, legumefree, lunch, mealprep, meat, middleeastern, muffin, nutfree, oilfree, onepan, pancake, pasta, pescatarian, pizza, pork, porkfree, pressurecooker, ricefree, salad, sandwich, seafood, seafoodfree, seasoning, side, slowcooker, smoothie, snack, soup, soyfree, sugarfree, taco, tomatofree, unprocessed, vegan, vegetarian, wheatfree, wrap.

**Advanced: anticandida, autoimmune, elimination, ketogenic, lowfodmap, lowglycemic, lowhistamine, lowlectin, lowoxalate, lowsalicylate, lowsulfur, mediterranean, nightshadefree, paleo, pureed, specificcarbohydrate.

Essential Nutrition vs. Advanced Nutrition

Starter Plus
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Vitamin K
Vitamin B6
Vitmain B12
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