Acquisition FAQ

How does the acquisition affect my That Clean Life subscription?

Good news! This acquisition does not affect your current membership. As of right now, your current plan and pricing will stay the same. You will continue to have access to the same content and feature set.

Where do I log in?

You can still log in the same way you always have. We will be working on an integration with Practice Better so you can do all of your work from there without having to log in to multiple products.

Can I still use That Clean Life if I’m not a Practice Better user?

Yes, you can still use That Clean Life even if you do not use Practice Better. Although we strongly encourage our customers to use Practice Better to securely and professionally manage their practice, That Clean Life will continue to operate as a stand-alone product like it always has.

Is there special pricing for me if I use both That Clean Life and Practice Better?

Right now, your pricing for Practice Better and That Clean Life will remain the same and be separate. We may explore combined pricing in the future.

When is the integration coming?

Soon! While we don't have an exact date, we are working hard to integrate That Clean Life into Practice Better. Please stay tuned for future updates.

How does this impact the support I receive from That Clean Life?

This acquisition will not impact the support you receive from us here at That Clean Life. The entire That Clean Life team has taken on key roles at Practice Better, which means the same folks that support you and the product now will continue to do so with no disruption.

Where can I go to learn more about Practice Better?

Visit for more information about Practice Better, or contact them here.

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