How Do I Use Collections?

Collections are a simple way to organize all your content any way you want. This gives you the ability to group recipes and/or meal plans into collections, outside of the meal planner.

You can access your collections by selecting the Collections tab from your navigation bar.

To get you started, we have created a collection titled "My Favourites" where you can add your favourite recipes and/or meal plans for easy access.

To create a new collection, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the New collection button:

Give your collection a title and, a description or tags (optional) then click the Create Collection button:

Note: Clicking the  of a collection will make it a "priority" and maintain its position near the top of your collections list. This will become more useful as you add more and more collections.

To add recipes or meal plans to your collections, click the Add button and search for the item you would like to add to the collection from within the "Add Item" dialog:

You can also add recipes to your collections from Recipes by clicking the ••• menu button for a given recipe and clicking Add to collection, choose your desired collection from within the "Add" dialog, and when you're ready click the Add button:

You can also add meal plans to your collections from the Planner by clicking the ••• menu button for a given plan and clicking Add to collection, choose your desired collection from within the "Add" dialog, and when you're ready click the Add button:

Here are some different Collections you might want to create to organize your recipes and meal plans:

  • "Want-to-Make Recipes"  
  • “Dinners under 500 Calories”  
  • “High Fiber Breakfast Ideas”  
  • “Meal Prep Dinner Ideas”

Additionally, you could use collections to:

  • Keep track of what recipes and meal plans have been sent to a client
  • Organize recipes by health condition (i.e. "For High Cholesterol," "For IBS-C," "Diabetes-Friendly Desserts" etc.)
  • Group together multi-week meal plans so they're all in one place
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