How to Use Bookmarks

Bookmarks let you save filters that you use a lot so you can save time. If there are filters you use frequently, you can save them as a Bookmark.

Bookmarking a filter allows you to input recipe requirements once and save them for future use without having to create the filter every time.

Here's how to create a Bookmark:

1. First, use the filters to search for recipes. You can input time, tags, ingredients to include/exclude, nutrition parameters, or any combination of these. Then click 'Filter Recipes.'

2. Once the recipes have been filtered, click 'Bookmarks' and 'Create bookmark.'

3. Give your bookmark a name that will let you easily recognize it in the future. Then click 'Create Bookmark.' Now your bookmark is saved.

4.  Whenever you click 'Bookmarks' you will find a list of the bookmarks you saved in the past. You can quickly apply these to all future recipe searches.

If you ever want to delete a bookmark, simply click 'Bookmarks', select the bookmark you no longer need and click 'Delete'.

Here are some examples of when you might want to create a bookmark:

  • Save your own food sensitivities
  • Save a client's food sensitivities
  • Create your own special diet tag, if we don't have a pre-existing tag
  • Omit ingredients which are in our database in multiple forms (ex. create a 'Tomato-Free' bookmark to exclude all tomato products

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