How Do I Use Snippet Templates?

We've provided you with an assortment of pre-made Snippet templates that you can use on their own or in combination with your very own Snippet creations.

Currently, we provide snippet templates for the following:

That Clean Life

  • Meal Planning Guide Introduction: Explains how to use a meal planning guide to create a meal plan and grocery list, along with tips to stay organized when following the plan.
  • Recipe Book Introduction: Explains how to use a recipe book, various tips, and an explanation of how leftovers work.
  • Meal Plan Introduction: Explains how to follow a meal plan, various tips, and an explanation of how leftovers work.
  • Disclaimer of Liability: A general disclaimer you can provide to your clients.

Environmental Working Group

Templates are available directly within the Export dialog and can be applied within your "Brief". Here's how: 

From the Export dialog, click View all

Click on the tab that says "Templates". Choose your template, and then click the Apply button.
You will now see your Snippet Template in the "Brief". 

Additionally, you can use Templates to create your own Snippets from within your Preferences. Here's how: 

From "Your Profile" click on the Preferences tab. Scroll down and click New snippet
Click the New from template link. 
Choose the Template you'd like to create your own Snippet from, and then click the Apply Template button. 
You can now edit the Template and give it a new title. When you are finished, click the Create Snippet button. 
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