How Do I Use Attachments?

Attachments are the simplest way to provide additional information to your clients. You can add attachments to any Shared item. You can also pin any attachment, which turns it into a prompt to really get your client's attention.

You can add the following types of attachments:

  • Link: Any kind of link to a website, file, video, etc.
  • Rich Text: Formatted text of any length which can be pinned.

Create an attachment

Find the Recipe, Plan, or Collection that you've shared and click the Share button.
From within the dialog select the Attachments tab, then click the Add Attachment (or New Attachment) button:

Select the "Type" of attachment you'd like to create (i.e. Link or Rich Text), provide a "Name" and content such as a valid URL or formatted text, then click the Create Attachment button:

Pin/Unpin an attachment

From the Attachments dialog, click the ••• button corresponding to a rich text attachment you'd like to Pin/Unpin:

A badge containing a "pin" will be applied to the pinned rich text attachment. Only one rich text attachment can be pinned at a time per shared item.

Once a rich text attachment has been pinned it will be converted into a dialog that will prompt all viewers of your respective shared item:

Edit/Delete an attachment

From the Attachments dialog, click the ••• button corresponding with the attachment you'd like to Edit. Update the "Name", "Link" or "Content", then click the  Edit Attachment button:

If you'd like to delete an attachment simply click the  ••• button corresponding with the attachment you'd like to  Delete from the Attachments dialog, then click the Delete Attachment button:

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