How Do I Use Templates?

Choose from a range of ready-to-use templates to save time. Jumpstart any client experience with a comprehensive, evidence-based meal plan.

Via Templates

Visit Templates and click on a template that interests you:

You'll be taken to the template's page which will provide a more in-depth overview of the template including evidence-based research. Next, simply click the Copy button:

You'll be prompted to rename your new plan and scale the plan up to a max of four people. Fill in the required fields and hit the Copy Plan button:

Note: Scaling is only available for Templates and not custom plans. 

Note: When copying a Template all of its tags will be specified as Rules for your plan enabling "Smart" mode. This way you can continue editing the plan without worrying if the meals you're adding might be out of scope of the type of plan you're creating. E.g. If you're copying a plant-based Template the Rules will ensure you are only shown recipes in the Planner within that scope.

Via Planner

Visit Planner and click the New button:

Next, click Template from the picker:

Click the template you'd like to create a plan from, then hit the Continue button.

Enter a title for your new plan within the modal, scale the plan up to a max of four people, and then click the Create Plan button.

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