How Do I Use the Planner?

To start creating meal plans, open your Planner from the main navigation bar.

By default, the last plan you were working on will always open first. You can start a new plan at any time by clicking the  New button, create a copy of a plan by clicking the Copy button, enable smart mode by clicking the Smart button, or open up one of your saved plans by clicking the Recents button.

You can also edit your plan at any time by clicking the ••• button and then click Edit plan.

You can fully customize the labels in your Planner on a plan-by-plan basis. For example, you could change the labels so that the plan starts on a day other than Monday, rearrange the order of meals, or make the labels generic like Meal 1, Meal 2, Meal 3 or Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 etc.

When you're ready, start adding recipes to your plan by clicking into any slot on the meal plan and search for a recipe. Then you can choose how many servings you want the recipe to make and if you would like to schedule it for multiple days that week. When you're ready click the Add button.

Pro Tip
Save even more time meal planning by using Smart Plans.

You can also add recipes to a meal plan from the Recipes area or from within a recipe itself. See how here.

All changes you make to any Plan will be auto-saved in real-time.

Any meal on your plan can be marked as a leftover if it has already been made. See examples of when you would mark a meal as a leftover here. Once you've marked a meal as a leftover it will appeared "greyed out" on your Planner.

Every meal slot holds up to two different recipes. You can add a side dish to any meal on your plan by clicking into the meal, clicking on the Side tab and searching for a recipe. You can set the servings and which days you'd like to schedule it. Sides can also be marked as leftovers.

When you're finished building a plan, you can export it as a PDF with your custom branding. See all the options for exporting plans here.

Any empty rows or columns within your Plan will not be included in your PDF.

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