How Do I Use Smart Plans?

Smart Plans will save you loads of time! Set your Rules and you're off to the races — it's like your Planner's built-in assistant.

When creating or editing a plan you have the option to input Rules such as "Tags" and "Exclude ingredients":

Note: It's kind of like creating a smart playlist instead of just a playlist. As you input different Rules you'll see the "Recipes matching all rules" update in real-time. This will give you a sense of the number of recipes available to you once these rules are applied to your plan.


Save your changes and notice the "Smart" button is now active:

Note: If your subscription supports Automation, when Rules are updated the system will perform an audit against your existing plan and then present you with a modal if any conflicts have been detected. Clicking the Auto Update button will attempt to resolve all conflicts for you via swapping all conflicting recipes for compliant ones with similar characteristics.

Start planning! You'll notice when adding meals to your plan that the recipes displayed take into consideration the Rules you specified:

Note: At any time you can edit the Rules of your plan. This will change the recipes we display to you when adding meals to your Planner. It will have no impact on any existing meals already added to your plan.

Pro Tip: Search provides a quick way to find recipes within your specified Rules.

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